Getting Results - The Secret Formula

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Published: 08th November 2012
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Let me start with a question here - what do people want when they start a home business? There are many predictable, but worthy answers - financial independence, time freedom, no commuting, no boss, quality of life, better work/life balance, etc. etc. All these answers can be classified under one heading - Results - the desired outcome from peoples' commitment to their new business. But what is actually required in order to get those desired results, is there a secret formula?? Well I guess there must be. Most people fail in business so they either miss it's importance or choose to ignore it.

Getting Results - The Secret Formula

For those who have the desire and want to know the secret, here it is:


Hardly a secret is it, but let's take a brief look at each element and why each is a crucial step on the ladder to success.

Firstly, ACTION: This is 'The Plan', the lead generation activities you are going to carry out from which the results will come. My advice here is to follow what is proven, tried & tested. Do not re-invent the wheel. By all means try new things further down the line but not now - simply carbon copy the professionals and duplicate exactly what is making them successful. WARNING, WARNING!! Taking action is not sharpening your pencil, tidying your desk or creating a nice efficient filing system - none of these will move your business forward. My advice on this is firstly, do not spend time getting ready to get ready, get into action NOW! Secondly focus only on 'revenue-producing' activities, be busy doing the right things. Finally always remember, MASSIVE ACTION = MASSIVE RESULTS.

Secondly, DISCIPLINE: This can be split into personal discipline and business discipline. Working at home is a huge challenge believe me, not the 'easy ride' that many think it will be - it doesn't mean you can get up late, watch a bit of daytime TV and have friends round for coffee. Your home is now your office - treat is as such. Create a DMO (Daily Method of Operation) and stick to it, remember in the words of the great Jim Rohn, "Success is few simple disciplines practised every day whilst failure is a few errors in judgement repeated every day." From a business point of view give your business some job status - start work when you say you are going to start, work the hours you say you are going to work and focus only on the things that will grow your business. At the end of each week ask yourself, "Can I put my hand on my heart and say that I have done everything within my power this week to move my business forward?"

Thirdly, CONSISTENCY: It is crazy to have a great plan but then to only have the discipline to put it into action for a day, a week or a month. You can only create momentum in your business through consistent action day after day after day and you do this until, because it is very easy to lose momentum and it will take you 3 times longer to re-build it!! Again work from your DMO, set alarms to signal the start & end of an activity and stick to it. New habits take time to become the norm - the sooner you start the sooner you will be doing things without thinking.

Finally, ATTITUDE: This is the glue that sticks everything together. Two people may have the same plan, have the same daily disciplines and with the same level of consistency but end up with totally different results because they approached everything with a different attitude. You have to be positive in everything you do, have the total belief that success is coming your way because you deserve it and focus on the things you want NOT on the things you don't want. I honestly believe that 'Attitude is Everything' - it will put you on the road to success or the road to failure.

If you are determined to succeed, you will, but it may take time (and numerous failures) to get there. Don't be too hard on yourself when you do let things slip a little but at the same time don't let yourself off the hook too easily. You've heard the question "How do you eat an elephant?" (Answer) One bite at a time. Your success will surely come if you focus each and every day on being that little bit better than you were yesterday.

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